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DITA Training Courses

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Mekon delivers both Introductory and Advanced (1.2) DITA training courses.

DITA Introductory Training

This course is for users coming from unstructured authoring tools who want to learn to author DITA content.

The course will equip users new to structured information with a general understanding of it and how and why it is used.

You will benefit from comprehensive instruction that will enable you to become productive immediately with, or without, a content management system.

Introduction to DITA Training Covers:

  • Introduction to Structure - XML vs. Proprietary Formats, XML vs. HTML, Semantic vs. Unsemantic, Benefits of Controlling Business Rules
  • Introduction to DITA - Beyond Traditional XML, Topic Types, Conref, Bookmaps, Relationship Tables and Related Items, Information Architecture and Taxonomies, DITA and Content Management Concepts
  • Specialisation - Overview of Structural Specialisation and Domain Specialisation, When to specialise.
  • Topics and Maps - Creating Topics, Creating Maps, Creating Conrefs and Creating Basic Relationship Tables
  • DITA OpenToolkit Overview - What it is, Publishing multi-format content, Managing Basic Conditions and DITAVAL files

DITA Advanced 1.2 Training

The course is geared for those already familiar with DITA who are looking to extend their skills and discover what DITA 1.2 has to offer. It is also a suitable for participants who have just finished the Introduction to DITA and Structure and want to extend their learning.

DITA 1.2 is a major step in overall features and scalability. Using your own sample content, we will work hands-on, covering the new features of DITA 1.2 in-depth. 90 days email support from your trainer is included in the price of the course.

Advanced DITA 1.2 Training covers:

  • New Conref Features: Conref Range and Conref "Push"
  • Keys and keyref
  • Advanced relationship tables
  • Advanced DITA map features
  • Glossary, Learning and Training, and Machine Industry information types

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