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PTC Abortext Editor

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PTC Abortext Editor is supplied by PTC

PTC Arbortext Editor is a word processor for XML, yet provides all the power and flexibility authors need to create audience-specific publications efficiently. Authors can attach audience-specific information to content for producing customised publications, and automatically insert and update data from databases, business systems, and other data sources.

Arbortext Editor supports DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture), which incorporates a number of best practices and increases an organisation’s ability to respond to new requirements by allowing adaptations of an XML application, while remaining compatible with all existing downstream applications.

Arbortext Editorcan be used to:

  • Create business, technical, and reference documents
  • Create and edit XML and SGML content
  • Work with content both as components and as compound documents
  • Reuse content across your organization to improve the accuracy, consistency and flexibility of your information


Mekon also provide Abortext training.  Request info on training courses.