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In today’s congested airport hubs, technicians need to have direct access to critical, up-to-date technical maintenance data while working on the aircraft. Leaving the aircraft to find a workstation and check information and repair procedures takes valuable time and jeopardizes safety.

Life*WEB puts all the information technicians need at their fingertips. It works with over 100 different file formats and makes it easy to access information on any mobile device, from a laptop or wearable computer to a PDA or 3G cell phone. Life*WEB groups information and provides access to it regardless of format and physical location. A variety of add-on modules allow Life*WEB to be tailored to meet your demands for efficient document management.

Life*WEB is an XML-based content management system that easily indexes large portions of enterprise legacy data in a distributed working environment. With Life*WEB, any company can have easy and secure access to critical information – in real time.